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Computers, the Internet, and the World of Education :: Technology Education Educational Essays

Computers, the Internet, and the World of EducationComputers and the internet have changed the world of education in innumerable ways. This centre the teacher must also change. Most students now have access to countless sources of information from all over the world. They can also talk to experts in multitudes of professions. Many students now learn to type before they learn to write in cursive. Despite these facts not all the changes have been positive. Students argon now undecided to outside predators who may try to take advantage of them. In addition they may be exposed to obscene materials. Schools have installed filters, but they sometimes are unable to prevent all inappropriate material from being viewed. Many teachers complain that the internet allows plagiarism and all out cheating with access to pre-made border and research papers (where do you think this paper came from). Many critics of the educational system also point out that often students only like to enforce comp uters to access information. They dont like to use computers for their many different uses like complicated math problems or construction of spreadsheets. Unfortunately, this seems to be true computers strike to be used across the curriculum not just for research projects. Yet another benefit having computers and internet access in the classroom is the magnate of students to be able to talk to experts in their respective fields. Children doing a project on insects can to talk to scientists who work with insects every day. They may be well-disposed enough to talk to an astronaut or maybe an author whose books they have been reading. Children can also participate in interactive chew up rooms with other students or international pen pals. With this said its important that teachers take the proper precautions.Everyone knows that the internet poses many dangers especially for unsupervised children. When children are using chat rooms, care needs to be taken to ensure the children saf ety. Any student using a chat room needs to have a examine name( Teachers have to make sure they go over certain rules before they allow any student use the internet. Students must be taught to never move on personal information over the internet this includes their name, location, or telephone number. It can be quite a liability to have internet access in the classroom teachers must be sure they protect themselves. Another worry is that students may access inappropriate material.

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Individual and Society: The Royal Family :: Essays Papers

Individual and Society The Royal FamilyWhat was it like to be looked upon as the most noble group of people in a nation as important and vast as England? The most powerful positions of the purplish family were the big businessman and queen of course, depending on who had the crown at that time. When one became the poof he would inherit all of the riches and powers that come along with being the king. If he were to marry a woman then she would become part of the royal family, but not really be a ruler with the king. If one were not part of the royal family they would never live the glamorous life they lived. The king and queen could show their power through public executions, making new laws, and their ability to do whatever they wanted to. The royal family changed the course of history by bringing about new religions, theories, the English Reformation, the changing of boundaries, taking part in the Enlightenment, and countless other things. The royal family was brought about in the mid-1000s when queen mole rat Edward the Peaceful was crowned at Bath. Many Viking invasions and pouf Ethelreds weakness to be a powerful king forced him out of the monarchy, and his son, Canute, took control of the nation. King Canute made England the heart of his Scandinavian Empire and was admired by all he ruled. When Canute died and his stepson, Edward, then took the throne blending many traditions since he was not in the first place from England. After Edwards death and Harold of Norway was killed in battle, the first distinctively important king of the royal family took over, William I started the first major family in royalty, the Normans. After the Normans cease there were six more dynasties of families to rule England at one time or another. The next of these was the Angevin Empire which started the time period when the English monarchy became the first European power to work out a concept of government, the community of the realm, which significantly broadened par ticipation in government and altered the relationships between king and subject (Plumb 58). The other five families--the Plantagenets, the House of Lancaster, the House of York, the Tudors, and the Stuarts -- were significant during their time but all occurred before the time period being studied. The first empire that deals with Western shade after 1715 is The House of Hanover, which starts in 1714 with King George I.

Gender and Social Norms in Shakespeares As You Like It Essay -- Shake

Gender and Social Norms in As You deal It Shakespeare based his comedy As You Like It primarily on three different works. Its plot follows the basic structure of Rosalynde, published in 1590 by Thomas Lodge. The Tale of Gamelyn, written by an unknown author in the mid-fourteenth century, is a barbaric Middle English narrative that was found among Chaucers papers and provides further details for Shakespeares work. With the Forest of Ardenne serving as an escape for our main characters, Shakespeare takes his details from the countless robin redbreast Hood ballads popular in Medieval England. This paper will examine how Shakespeares adaptations and alterations of emphasis and plot from these source works have turned our attention to the percentage of gender norms in society, the restrictions of social norms, and human influence on ones future. Lastly, included is a brief discussion of how these factors might influence a production of this sharp and entertaining work. In Shakesp eares play, the question of womens role is central to theme and plot. By assuming the clothes and likeliness of a man, Rosalind treats herself to powers that are normally beyond her exceed as a woman (Spark 7). She is able to talk, walk and have the freedoms of a man, while having the heart of a woman. She is even able to court a fan of her own choice and train him in the art of love. Shakespeare focuses his work on the drastically different role that she can take under the guise of a man. In contrast, the novel Rosalynde, focuses only on the male concerns of the story. The entire story has been directed exclusively to men and made glaringly obvious in its premiss beginning with the words, To Gentleman Readers. Throughout the story, L... Kuhn, Maura. Much Value in It. Shakespeare Quarterly 28 (Winter 1977) 40-50. Hanawalt, Barbara A. ed.. Chaucers England- Literature in Historical Content. Minneapolis University of Minnesota Press, 1992. Howard, Jean E., Intoduction to As You Like It. The Norton Shakespeare Ed. Stephen Greenblatt, New York W. W. Norton & Company, 1997. 1591-1599. Prendergast, Maria Teresa Micaela.Rennaissance Fantasies- The gathering of Aesthetics in Early Modern Fiction. Kent Kent State UP, 1999. Sparknotes. As You Like It, by William Shakespeare. 8 Nov. 2002 http// Strout, Nathaniel. As You Like It, Rosalynde, and Mutuality. Studies in English Literature 1500-1900 v. 41 no 2 (Spring 2001) 277-95. Tenney, Edward A.. Thomas Lodge. Ithica Cornell UP, 1935.

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How To Listen To Music, Not Just Hear It Essay example -- essays resea

How to Listen to Music, Not Just Hear itTo learn to listen to music, not just hear itYou need the right room,the right equipment, the unadulterated volume, the perfect spot, and (of course), theembracing of the music. After you have all the proper tools, you can sit andenjoy the music.The first consideration is to listen to music in a prospering chair. Iwould highly recommend a good quality Lazy Boy recliner. Now, you need to findthe best room to put that chair in, so you can listen to you music. The roomcan be any normal room with four walls just, the room cant be wide open. Forexample, it cant be an unfinished cellar with concrete walls and a cementfloor. The sound will not be able to bounce off the walls and give the effectas if the sound is glide path from behind you, as well as in front of you (thesurround effect). A good room to listen in, is a typical family room with tatterrock walls and four ninety degree corners.The second consideration is placement of speakers. The corners of aroom are the perfect spot for your speakers. You shouldnt position them flushagainst the wall, but put the back of the speaker into the corner, so each sideof the speaker is against each wall. For this reason, the bass is extended(louder), and the tweeters, mid-range, and woofers give you their undividedattention.Where to sit is simple, but it takes virtually easy calculations to find theperfect spot. There is a common rule for a person to experience...

Vonneguts Simple Style in Vonneguts Cats Cradle Essay -- Cats Crad

Vonneguts Simple Style in Cats Cradle The ingenuous style with which Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. writeshis novels belies the complexity hide behind hissentences. Vonneguts novels, as a result, atomic number 18 amazinglyeasy and, to many, enjoyable to read, yet they containmessages that go to the precise root of humanity, messages that ar not recondite underneath flowery prose. The success ofCats Cradle, identical all of his novels, relies on thissimplicity to reveal its messages about religion, death, andapocalypse to the reader. Cats Cradle is composed of a series of short, verydirect, and seemingly simple sentences, that, when combined,form a surprisingly complex novel. Cats Cradle, like mostof Vonneguts novels, is not very wordy. Vonnegut willalmost always say things right off for example, whendiscussing the history of San Lorenzo, he writes,Subsequent expeditions came for gold...found none, burna few nat ives for entertainment and heresy, and sailed on(89). Vonnegut uses a very direct and flippant manner whenhe writes of things that others office not confront, such asthe rigorousness of the conquistadors. He does not try to hidehis messages subtly, so his readers get the full meaning outof his novel, even if they are reading the book merely forentertainment. ane does not have to search through his novelword-for-word to find Vonneguts themes. Instead, Vonnegutsends his themes via simplicity and exaggeration. ForVonnegut to convey his ideas successfully to the reader, hemust use a simple style to do s o his point of view is socontrary to the norm that simplicity is the still way for himto get hi... ...continue trying, because it is human nature torisk destroying the world to further ones own ends. Cats Cradle depends on Vonneguts simplicity and otherliterary techniques, like exaggeration, to put one over its point.Mans destructive nature is mad e rather clear in thisexcellent novel, and unnecessary words and sentences wouldhave destroyed the clarity of Vonneguts message. Themessage, and the readability of the novel, are muchimportant than if the novel is of the same literary caliberas the likes of Shakespeare and Hemingway. Vonneguts simplesentences, combined with exaggeration, irony, and elementsof science fiction, make his novels, and the messagescontained within them, very powerful, and very enjoyable toread. In this way, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. has establishedhimself as a literary master. Vonneguts Simple Style in Vonneguts Cats Cradle Essay -- Cats CradVonneguts Simple Style in Cats Cradle The simple style with which Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. writeshis novels belies the complexity hidden behind hissentences. Vonneguts novels, as a result, are amazinglyeasy and, to many, enjoyable to read, yet they containmessages that go to the very root of humani ty, messages thatare not hidden underneath flowery prose. The success ofCats Cradle, like all of his novels, relies on thissimplicity to reveal its messages about religion, death, andapocalypse to the reader. Cats Cradle is composed of a series of short, verydirect, and seemingly simple sentences, that, when combined,form a surprisingly complex novel. Cats Cradle, like mostof Vonneguts novels, is not very wordy. Vonnegut willalmost always say things directly for example, whendiscussing the history of San Lorenzo, he writes,Subsequent expeditions came for gold...found none, burneda few natives for entertainment and heresy, and sailed on(89). Vonnegut uses a very direct and flippant manner whenhe writes of things that others might not confront, such asthe cruelty of the conquistadors. He does not try to hidehis messages subtly, so his readers get the full meaning outof his novel, even if they are reading the book merely for entertainment. One does not have to search through his novelword-for-word to find Vonneguts themes. Instead, Vonnegutsends his themes via simplicity and exaggeration. ForVonnegut to convey his ideas successfully to the reader, hemust use a simple style to do s o his point of view is socontrary to the norm that simplicity is the only way for himto get hi... ...continue trying, because it is human nature torisk destroying the world to further ones own ends. Cats Cradle depends on Vonneguts simplicity and otherliterary techniques, like exaggeration, to make its point.Mans destructive nature is made quite clear in thisexcellent novel, and unnecessary words and sentences wouldhave destroyed the clarity of Vonneguts message. Themessage, and the readability of the novel, are moreimportant than if the novel is of the same literary caliberas the likes of Shakespeare and Hemingway. Vonneguts simplesentences, combined with exaggeration, irony, and elementsof science fiction, make his novels, and the messagescontained within them, very powerful, and very enjoyable toread. In this way, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. has establishedhimself as a literary master.

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William Penn and the Quakers :: essays research papers

William Penn and the QuakersThe Quakers, also known as the Society of Friends was religious group that founded Pennsylvania. William Penn, one of the leaders, worked with the Quakers, Indians and the other population to murder an ideal world for him, his followers, and the other people in his environment. With his efforts, and the help of others, the Quakers left a huge impact on Pennsylvania and the entire nation. The Quakers are a religion that originated in England in protest of the Anglican Churchs practices. The man in charge of this religious revolution was George Fox.1 He believed that idol didnt live in churches as much as he lived in peoples hearts.2 In that state of mind, he went out into the world in search of his true religion. He argued with priests, slept in fields, and exhausted days and nights trying to find followers. His first followers were mostly young people and women. Besides freedom of religion, they wanted freedom of speech, worship and assembly, refusal to go to war or take oath, and equality of the sexes and social classes.3 In England, between the years of 1650 and 1700, more than 15,000 Quakers were fined and/or imprisoned 366 were killed.4 The reason why the Quakers were put through much(prenominal) torture was because their beliefs and culture was different from the Anglican Church. At that time, any religion that was practiced in England other than the Anglican Church would be persecuted. They believed that religion shouldnt be practiced in a church as much as in your heart. The differences that were between the Quakers and the Anglican Christians was that the Anglicans practiced strict discipline in their prayers. They would go to prayer every morning, and ask for forgiveness of their sins. They believed that the sacred authority was the Bible, the only way to make your way to heaven was to go to sermon they should glorify deity in the world and pay no attention to the irrationality of God. They didnt believe men could achie ve anything for themselves only God could do that. The Quakers, on the other hand, believed that God should be in your spirit, not in sermon, and that your sacred authority shouldnt be a book, it should be your inner light, the force that drives you through you life. They believed you shouldnt be servants of God, but to be friends of God.

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Does Art Influence Culture, or Does Culture Influence Art Essay

Does trick shape the mood and dependency of refining, or does culture shape the perspective of cunning? Art does not only mean the literal paintings, and physical device. Music, poetry, sculpting, and theatre, are also in the category of art, and wad like William Shakespeare and Matsuo Basho have definitely go a expressive style their mark on the past and presents cultures with their expressions of art.Art and culture are not black and white concepts there is no way to avow that one affects the other absolutely. But they do affect each other, in many instances. For example, art reflects culture in that the society and environment in which the smorgasbord of art was created may have affected the person, betoken, and reason behind why that piece of art was created. It can show the economic status of that nation in the art and the materials used to make it. On the other hand, culture reflects art, because art can act like a beacon or catalyst.It motivates and influences people , in the way that a good song can lift a spirit or induce feelings of sadness. Aristotle once said, The aim of art is to represent not the outwards appearance of things, but their inward significance. People perceive art on a personal level, and relate it to themselves or their life in order to traffic pattern a sort of connection. Art and culture are invariably linked, constantly pushing and pulling the advancement of one another.A good example of art reflecting culture in history is the Renaissance Era. During the Renaissance, Europe had an immediate re sassyal in art and learning. Europe was recovering from the bubonic plague there was a rejuvenation of wealth in prosperity. There was a somewhat excess in wealth, which resulted in many people becoming patrons of the art, or wealthy people that sponsored artists to continue their craft.They could afford to spend their money and invest in an upcoming artist, or buy his paintings. Due to the sudden rise in patrons, artists were be coming famous, there were suddenly many more artists being employed to work in public buildings and sculpt people. For example, Michelangelo was paid to illustrate the Sistine Chapel, and also sculpted. The Renaissance scholars brought back the original, upright dos of artwork from the Roman and Greek clock, because they grew tired of the simplistic, archaic methods of the Middle Ages.It also changed the subjects and ways that the artists created theirartwork. Before the Renaissance, everything had been about religion and ideological faith. The Renaissance brought about new ideas and concepts for artists, such as Michelangelos sculpture, David. It depicts David moments before the biblical battle between the Philistines and the Israelites, where he is depicted as powerful, yet graceful. Artwork like this began to show humanism, arts achievements and potential.Also, the Renaissance changed the way that writers wrote their literature. Writers like Dante and Francesco Petrarch had b egun writing in the vernacular, or their native languages, being Italian and Latin instead of only the handed-down Latin.But art and culture are not only linked in the Renaissance they are also a large portion of the Moslem world at that point. Art was used in the Mughal Court, exceedingly so, in the form of illustration in scripts. They would have small, detailed paintings called miniatures in books. In times of wealth, artwork would invade the empires temples, market places, and mosques. The artwork reflected the deities of the mosques and temples, while the artworks in the more common places were adorned with art of different styles from different countries. small-arm the art was beautiful and elaborate in India and other major Muslim empires, it was also extremely expensive.The people of the art-obsessed nations usually had to pay hefty taxes to help finance public art projects which meant sometimes having taxation abused to pay for huge technically unnecessary architectural buildings. An example is the Taj Mahal, a tomb for Mumtaz Mahal that Shah Jahan, one of the rulers of India, consecrated to his lost love in her memory. This sentimental gesture cost the tax payers, and his people began to starve.Art in China was intricate and just as scare inspiring as the rest of the worlds, but this is a good demonstration of how culture reflects artwork. Artwork in Europe was more about perspective, and new ideas. Chinese art valued technique and diligence over creativity and imagination. Even in pottery, technical skills and experimentation won over creativity. Kabuki was a popular computer address of entertainment for families with low income.It unified Chinese society with a common past time, and taught about Chinese history and cultural heroes. In the later 1700s, japan also focused onheatre by using kabuki. Kabuki was an elaborate show consisting of music, exaggeration, exciting costumes and dance. They also read haikus, which uses five, seven, and five s tanzas to use the senses to describe senses, smells, feelings, or sounds. both in all, culture and art do affect each other. Culture shapes the texture and subject of art, such as religion and portraits. While art affects culture in that it uses art as a way to depict wealth, as well as used for decoration and symbolism, and as a catalyst and form of release for the philosophical savants of that era. Art was also used to preserve the times of those places, and to preserve the methods and customs of their cultures.People all over the world use art for the same reasons now, and will continue using art for the same reasons. The impact that the shaping and reflecting had on the arts from long ago is evident today from in caves, to the Taj Mahal, to the Sistine Chapel. If it werent for the mutuality of art and culture, the world would have developed in a completely different way, and it would be a very, very dull place without the history and depictions of the olden times.http//www.quote Aristotles quoteWorld History Patterns of Interaction, McDougal Littell

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Childhood memories Essay

The purpose of this essay it to analyze the childhood memories of both Judith Ortiz Cofer and Anwar Accawi past from their stories, the silent bounce and the teleph iodin respectively, who both have complicated early childhood memories. Accawis childhood memories atomic number 18 about the changes that were brought by the peal which led to people mournful from the village for opportunities away to make money.He is remorseful for this telephone engine room since before it came, people were happy but in his full-grownhood, he claims that in his adult life he has not been able to find a Better Life than the life in Magadaluna. Accawis record is created on an adult berth of regret and humor. He vividly remembers the village destruction as he realizes that the cruelty and idyllic coexist as the human being embodies them.Silent leaping is a story of Cofer in her elementary school through to her high school as they migrated from America to Puerto Rica and vice versa, it discusses t he means through which the culture, gender, class and hightail it shape her life without Cofer sounding naive or dogmatic. Her childhood memories are about the depression and discrimination in America due to their color and one day hoped that she would win some respect for her culture and herself.She puts it that If you were to stretch that rubbery face, you could find my fathers face and deep within that face- my own the differences in their childhood memories is that Cofers jaundice memories are contributed by their movement from their native land in Puerto Rica to America where they face racial discrimination whereas the Accawis bitter childhood memories are caused by introduction of the telephone technology that is brought in to Magdaluna that ends up transforming the life of the natives.Another difference in both stories is that Accawi is against the changes that occurred due to technology and wishes that they never occurred while Cofer hopes that things leave change in Amer ica where she and her culture will be recognized. The village of Magdaluna is simple with no new technology. There are no even calendars and people tell about certain times through extraordinary occurrences like earthquakes and birth of certain people.The children did odd jobs for the adults to earn gnomish money and Accawi was very contented with this way of life. Accawi was happy and assumed that everybody else was happy too without the advantages of the technology. After the coming of the telephone, the way of life of the village of Magdaluna changed since people began to righteousness the phone. The villagers would gather around the phone waiting for any news and for job opportunities.As time passed by more people gathered around the telephone and more villagers emigrated from Magdaluna and this irritated some villagers like Accawi. .Judith Ortiz Cofer recounts the experiences of her upbringing in a chain of chronologically arranged vignettes that details her way of life as a little girl shuttled forth and back between her grandmas casa in Puerto Rican village and the familys American home at Paterson in new(a) Jersey.Ortiz Cofers father worked in the United States Navy shipyards of Brooklyn Yard, a profession that required him to abandon his family for several months at different time. Worried about the refuge of his family and mindful of his companions regular longing for the island, he regularly sends his wife (companion) and offspring to their local land located in Puerto Rico regularly. The narrative explains the life of Cofer as she grew against the cultural switch backs.Her past childhood memories involve the sadness, racial discrimination and depression in America where they lived in El structure which hosted many foreigners but they could not interact but it is the But the pipes were also a connection to all the other lives being lived around us and her perplex had been given strict orders by my father to keep the doors locked, the noise dow n, ourselves to ourselves.She remembers a certain moment when her father was referred to as a Cuban but when he said that he was a Puerto Rican the other responded by shouting to Cofers father same shit. Cofers home life anchored her to the Puerto Ricos past while the US remained her home. The sad childhood memories are passed from generation to generation in what is said to be the Rubbery face and Cofer hopes that the misery will end.At home she was a Spanish while outside home she spoke in English and she was always told that she sounded like a gringa. One of the mentors for this bird is her grandmother who is also very strict. Both childhood experiences are greatly contributed by their grandparents. Both stories show the reader how the present culture evolved. Cofers stories shows how the American culture is a product of many other cultures while Accawis story shows how western civilization changed the farming village at Magdaluna in Lebanese.

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European wars of religion Essay

The 14th century was an era of great crisis for Europe disorder in the Catholic Church rattled flocks faith in authorities and religion. In this dark period, Europeans desired a new start, or in other words a ethnical rebirth. This cultural rebirth was named The conversion which gives meaning in French rebirth The people who gave this name also thought there was a clear distinction amidst Dark Ages and their century. They coined the terms modern and past and saw midpoint Ages as a long break from enlightenment. In addition to that, according to the City University of raw(a) York at Brooklyn, immense hunger for learning about classical antiquity was reborn after the Middle Ages.*During the Middle Ages, there was a cordiality that individuals should bless their lives to the church above everything. In that time education was exclusively based on religion. Many scholars were fixated on the idea that faith was more important than bear in mind and reasoning. This situation chang ed when Renaissance thinkers split from medieval tradition and emphasized individual experience and materialistic approach to life instead of religious duties. This philosophy emerged collect to Italians exploration and revision of the ancient Roman and Greek texts and scriptures partly beca lend oneself they were surrounded by the remnants of Roman Empire and they have noticed the disastrous place western sandwich culture has landed on. They greatly expanded the ancient works and innovated new ideas. Intellectual people such as writers, sculptors, architects were note valued in the society, unlike Middle Age times. There was now a new worldview called humanism which valued human beings and brought attention to the human magnificence in both physical and mental areas. Humanism also brought increased enthusiasm in exploring things and quest of knowledge. Renaissance intellectuals at the time were in awe of these fresh ideas. Almost every knowledgeableness saw great changes and sec ular arrangements. Education saw improvements. Pupils were now separated by their age and skills. Art now was interested in human proportions and practical aspects. There was still some religious paintings but Renaissance artist mostly drew from and inspired by real life.With printing presss invention by Johannes Gutenberg allowed for far-reaching access to important secular books and literature and most importantly Bible. It became normal for common people to read and think in their knowledge language. This meant vernacular-meaning their mother tongue- literature aided with the spread of humanistic ideas beyond intellectuals of the time. Writers like Petrarch and Dante wrote in Italian and believed every unrivalled should be able to read in their languages. Scientists also began to value observation over religious teachings and viewed everything with skepticism. They examined their theories by evidence. Even sometimes some scientists like Galileo Galilei gathered enough courage t o speak out against the Church. But Renaissance didnt exclusively mean separation from religion altogether, rather abandoning old Middle Age values and bringing new insights to the human perception of life, art, and everything. empty talk was born as a consequence of this.Renaissance was possible thanks to the recovery of Roman and Greek literature by scholars of that time. Latin was also apply that time but it was more academic and monkish. Upon revisiting Latin texts in a more secular view people began to shift their consciousness and appreciate ancient culture. They thought they were alike in a worldly sense. They believed they had the same delicacy over important matters and they both believed in the humanities power to tackle everything. hence they started to study Greek which inspired Romans. The Greek manuscripts were present in Italy because during the fall of Constantinople many Christian scholars fled to Rome. They brought tales of Homer and many other important books. This spur philosophical inquiries. These maniscruptures made people start thinking about virtues of the human soul. They were also interested in the usage of language its effects itself. Historian Bruni once give tongue to knowledge alone is not enough, we must add the power of expression to make effectual use of what we know implying rhetoric. Ancient writings had the other federal agency too. They offered practical teachings about life. They consisted of not theological but moral grounds with given answers secular in nature. This was at its most basic, a belief in the identity of the human spirit under its all epiphanies. They found that in classical texts there existed an ideal of human life, both moral and intellectual, by which they fanny profit now.During the Renaissance period, peoples views on mankind changed drastically. Before this era scholars were generally speaking with a single voice laudatory a similar human type which was frail, poor, withdrawn from life, quiet and needy. With Renaissance, the focus on God and religion as the main character shifted to human himself. During this era, art showed people as god-like creatures who were in their perfect shape. This made people feel graceful and beautiful in a sense that made them proud of themselves. For example, Leonardo Da Vincis painting Mona Lisa was done to portray the human beauty and inner mystery in true to life(predicate) ways. There was also inclination for wealth hookup and striving for better living conditions. Involvement with everyday life and taking care of themselves was becoming the norm. Public duties for common men were often overlooked and praising of extraordinary men with dreamable qualities was taking place. The goal was the manifestation of humans unique powers and showing their ability to steer their circumstances using willpower. Their destiny was not up to some higher being rather people with their own being paving their way to achieving the maximum of everything they g et their hands on. Individuality was welcomed and people cognize they were different on the inside than everyone else and made sense of themselves in the human beings and complicated social structures.This obsession with humans female genitals be even seen in almost every art branch of the time. Instead of focusing on traditional illustrations of religious symbols, artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo painted the human regurgitate in every depth possible. With the help of anatomy, they tried to illustrate perfect detail, scale, and dimension. Also to improve upon their realistic values they relied heavily on depth and texture.* office in their paintings was used to indicate a moving and vivid world with real human beings living ground. They used earthly, meaning tangible, objects to portray a realistic background. While earlier paintings had been 2d objects against white backgrounds and combined many scenes in one painting, Renaissance paintings focused on one crabb y scene or moment in time in a 3d realistic view like some scenery was localized and frozen in particular time and place. This enabled viewer to enter that artwork. Painters of the Renaissance researched perspective and creating the illusion of a three-dimensional area. Art was objectified so every human looking at it can perceive some unchangeable truths about it. It was solidified for the sake of realistic proportions. Artworks represented human as not symbolic or imitation of one another but with their distinct personalities. Architecture and design of most of the constructions had symmetry and ratio to it now. Buildings were built in regarding their luxury and accessibility to aid human use and show off human greatness. Sculptures were made in 3d scale so humans could see it from every direction* Donatello, for example, carved his statues that were meant to stand alone, and be viewed from every angle.* And David created his most well-known sculpture that has the form of the idea listic human body that draws the focus on the individual.In conclusion with Renaissance, Europe, in general, saw a revival of thought, reshaping and secularising every human activity with the wisdom of ancient civilizations and put everything in a realistic, rationalistic foundation. It established human as the center of the universe and found its wonders in this creature. It would change the course of the world for generations to come.

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PS4 Situational Analysis Essay

Sony is a lacquer based company that operates in over 180 countries worldwide. (Company Profile for Sony Corporation, 2011) Sony was co-founded by Masaru Ibuka and Aki Miruta in 1946 and since then has expectant into an international multimillion dollar company (Sony Corporation, 2014). Ibuka and Miruta origin bothy started out manufacturing measuring equipment (Sony Corporation, 2014), and have expanded into more complex technological solutions, such as laptops, gaming consoles, and communication theory devices. One product in particular is the PlayStation 4. The PS4 is the most recent of Sonys gaming consoles and since its release at the end of 2013 has sold 7 million units (Plafke, 2013), raking in 45 billion dollars of revenue for Sony (n4g, 2014). The aim of this report is to assist Sony in identifying markets that they have the potential to enter. The report will include a situational analysis on Sonys most recent product, the PlayStation 4. Through looking at the companys c urrent market, competitors and the external macro environment that has second hand submit on them. Furthermore, I will conduct a TOWS analysis, and then go on to brace recommendations in relation to improving Sonys corporate strategy. SITUATIONAL analysisMarket AnalysisThe current market for technological goods and services is real towering and will only rise in the future as consumers and otherwise companies become more reliant on it for day to day use. Competitor AnalysisSony has some different competitors because they are so diverse and have many different areas of technology in which they operate. An example of Product Competition is Microsoft, as they released their Xbox One just one month before the PS4 was released. They are in a similar price range, with the Xbox One selling for $750 and the PS4 selling for $650. Since the release of these gaming consoles last year, Sony and Microsoft have been neck in neck with sales volumes and profits, but it appears that overal l Son has come out on top, with 7 Million units sold by March 2014 compared to the 6 Million sold by Microsoft. Another typesetters case of product competition is Samsung. Both Samsung and Sony produce innovative technology in the form of video solutions and televisions. Samsungs strategy however, is to go for thehigher income consumers, while Sony signs the warmheartedness shed light on. Sony has many competitors, but it handles them very well. Macro environmental AnalysisPoliticalA political factor that affects Sony is government law, and more specifically, minimum wage. This increases near all year and causes Sonys costs to increase. Sony also needs to take into account some of the substances they use to create their products. There are a couple of class 1 substances and several(prenominal) class 3 ones. The government in most countries have very strict laws about how to dispose the wastes. To comply with certain standards of operation, Sony bases its disposal of dangerous substances around the Japans pollutant Release and Transfer Register (Sony Corporation, 2014). EnvironmentalDespite being a large cooperation, Sony is very conscious of personal effects to the natural environment. The company Technological Sony always tries to be at the front of technological change. This can be seen with their attempts to reduce the amount of resources in their products, epically the VAIO laptops. They recycle all of their wastes and their inputs largely come from recycled materials. SocialThe social macro environment refers to how they relate to societal culture. This includes their employee and customer relations. In terms of employees, Sony has proven that they care about their staff, by providing them with numerous benefits such as health care. (Singh, 2010). TechnologicalThis macro environmental factor can only be seen as an fortune for Sony, as they are constantly creating new technological solutions and try to stay ahead of the curve. The company is often the one creating the newest technology, like in the case of the Walkman. (Sony Corporation, 2014). TOWS ANALYSISThreatsThe main threat Sony faces is price competition from every angle of the market. The company is competing with Microsoft in the computer and gamingconsoles product area, then with Panasonic in the television and music department and with LGs communications products. A second threat Sony faces relates to most of its production being in Japan. The company is susceptible to a fluctuating currency rate. For example the Japanese Yen has been steadily rising against both the US dollar and the Euro since November 2013 and experienced a 5% increase against the US dollar in December 2013. (OANDA, 2014). This do Sonys imports to these countries from Japan seem relatively more expensive than products made locally. Another threat Sony faces is one relating to the specific product being discussed in this report. tardily the PS4 network was hacked, allowing users credit card det ails and other private information to be taken. (MacManus, 2012). Being vulnerable to attacks from hackers is a very big threat for the Sony Corporation. OpportunitiesThe Sony instigator has been given many opportunities. One of these is that Blu-ray is become increasingly more popular, which gives Sony the opportunity to make these players as cheaply and efficiently as they can. A second opportunity is their partnership with the big gaming franchise Fifa. This enhances Sonys corporate value. WeaknessesOne weakness of the Sony Corporation is its location. Almost its entire manufacturing takes place in Japan, which means it is very far away from 60% of its other consumers. A second weakness is that the companys revenue appears to be decreasing over the past several years, with revenues falling constantly by just under 20%. (Sony Global, 2012). StrengthsOne strength of the Sony brand is that its name is very well established and is internationally cognize as a household brand name w hen it comes to technology. These deep roots allowed it to take 29th place at the InterBrands in 2009, (InterBrand, 2009) which means that comes to the mind of a potential consumer before a company competing for brand recognition. A second strength is that it is an internationally recognized company, with almost products and services available in almost 200 countries throughout the world. For example, Sony receives revenue from all over the world, for example, in the 2012 financial year the company received 18% of revenuesfrom the United States, 14% from Europe, 42% from Japan and 25% from other countries. (Sony Global, 2012). This example of market diversification is a strength to Sonys cooperate strategy because it minimizes and even offsets impacts of adverse macro conditions (e.g. economical) that may eliminate in one region of operation. TARGET MARKETSSonys overall target market is very broad. They aim their products at upper middle class good deal in developed countries. The se people earn an average salary and Sony prices their products accordingly. The specific product I am researching, the PS4, has a slight more specific target market. This product is aimed at the younger generations, people under 30. Their marketing was directed towards gamers in every sense of the word (Placeholder2). RECOMMENDATIONSOne recommendation I would make to the Sony Corporation is to consider market development, where they sell their lower budget products in places like India. For example, Samsung sells their cheaper headsets in India because there is a high demand. If Sony did this they would increase their market plow and gain a whole new chuck of consumers.BIBLIOGRAPHYCompany Profile for Sony Corporation. (2011). Retrieved from in.reuters http// InterBrand. (2009). InterBrands 2009. Retrieved from InterBrand http// Joseph, S. (2013, November 18). Sony to Switch PS4 Marketing from low key to high impact. Retrieved from Marketing Week http// MacManus, C. (2012, October 24). Sonys PlayStation network hack. Retrieved from http// n4g. (2014, March 28). PS4 reaches 7 million worldwide. Retrieved from n4g http// OANDA. (2014). Historical Exchange Rates. Retrieved from OANDA http// Plafke, J. (2013, November 28). PS4 sale make more profit for AMD than Sony. Retrieved from

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Kafka’s Realism Regarding the Sirens

Kafkas rendition of Odysseus encounter with the Sirens is a realistic approach to marks telling of events. Kafka points out that the metrical composition of the Sirens would have been more fibrous than anything set in place to block out their song from anyones ears, especi every last(predicate)y the wax Circe advised Odysseus to place in the ears of his workforce. As Kafka says, he had fuck faith in the handful of wax (128).Herein lies Kafkas main point, namely that despite the efforts put forth by anyone, even those guided by the gods, no one would have been competent to escape the Sirens and their deadly, seductive song it follows that, Kafka maintains, the Sirens could non have been singing at all (128). Kafkas interpretation of Homer here goes deeper than merely asserting that the Sirens could only have been silent rather than singing when Odysseus led his men past the shore they inhabited.Kafka is attributing the existential motif of picking regarding Odysseus in particu lar by implying that Odysseus, more sound in mind than even the gods, was able to simply disregard the existence of the Sirens and thereby escape. Realizing this to be the case, the Sirens did not even bother to sing, but Odysseus, as Kafka asserts, in attempting to shield himself from both the Sirens and the gods, told the myth as if they had been singing, and that his wiles were enough to protect both him and his men from the deadly song (128).In maintaining that the Sirens were singing, when in all probability they were not as their song would have easily penetrated any barrier, Odysseus was able to keep everyone happythe Sirens included. Kafka is asking his audition to reconsider the likelihood that Odysseus instructions, handed down from Circe, actually worked. In contrast to Homers version of events, Kafka is maintaining that realistically it would not have been at all possible for anyone, no matter how strong, to escape the song of the Sirens.Whereas Homer asserts that in f act Odysseus was able to escape the deadly song by filling the ears of his men with wax and then tying their leader up on the mast, Kafka says that Odysseus was merely fooling everyone into thinking that it actually worked, even his men. The implications of the addendum Kafka mentions near the end of his story are that Odysseus was able to close off his inner mind from even the gods, and that they were unable to see in him that in fact the Sirens were silent.In turn, Homer was able to maintain that Odysseus legendary journey was in fact rife with danger at every turn by positing that Odysseus had indeed outsmarted the alluring Siren song. But, as Kafka alludes, it would have been a rather dull journey were Odysseus to have admitted that the Sirens were in fact silent. Odysseus survival, not only throughout his journey but after as well, rested in his ability to fool himself and in turn the gods.

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Media and Mass Communications Development on a Healthy Mature Culture Essay

This argumentative essay is specially made to discuss the hap for media and crowd together communication to nurture the development of a healthy, mature culture. Overall, the process of media and mass communication media development has already caused changes in the public sphere. The digitalization of media dramatically increases the chances of the people to get an access to the entropy, which is transferred instantly and often has not been edited by the people in goernment or media bosses.Thus, the information is now very(prenominal) complicated to control and therefore public has more opportunities to form its own opinion by comparing the f executes from the different sources. The major problem, which could be seen right away, is the affinity between the todays process of media development and the actual development of a healthy culture. An assumption could be suggested that media and mass communication atomic number 18 adequate to(p) to knead the development of a healthy and mature culture, but it will require some significant changes form both media owners and their employees, as well as from society itself.Lets de-construct the elements of the question and consider them in details in order to provide the better analysis. Strinati (2004) claims that the coming of the mass media and the increasing commercialization of culture and leisure resulted in the rise of issues, interests and debates which are still with us today. The researchers talk about culture, but what exactly is a culture? The word author of culture or, the Latin root of the term is colere, meaning anything from cultivating to inhabiting, protecting, or worshipping.Modern definition of culture is the following it is a growing sum of knowledge, experience, beliefs, values, attitudes, meanings, hierarchies, religion, notions of time, roles, spatial relations, concepts of the universe, and temporal objects and possessions acquired by a group of people in the course of generations. (Mul ler, 2005) Cultures differ depending on the mentioned elements of culture. As the examples of different cultures, the culture of Eastern and Western countries could be named. fester means the situation or the final characterise when the full desired growth or development has been reached. Healthy means the robust and well condition it is similarly an efficient and sound being. Development is a positive change it is also a process of growth and an evolution. The word nurture means the act of helping to grow or develop it is also an act of cultivation of some characteristics. Media are the means of communication that reach large numbers of people, for example, television, newspapers, radio receiver and internet.In agreement to Morley (2000) the current global culture is the culture of hyper mobility where we often engaged in border-crossings of one kind or another, but the nature and functions of borders themselves are shifting. (Morley,2000) We live in the information economy era, in the era of new progressive technologies and communications that break the borders, in the times of social and frugal evolution, the public sphere experiences new challenges and face new opportunities in this knowledge domain full of complexity. Without a doubt the trance of modern mass communication over the culture is considerable.The shifts in the social and other aspects that are influenced by the spread of technologies and new media are powerful and they change our lifestyle, our habits and hobbies they change the way we are living. creator and Scott (2004), argue the significance of mass media technology for economic and social life may be shown by considering certain developments of the twenty-first century. The situation in the 21st century in terms of the cultural development and its influence on people is much more complex than ever before.The introduction of internet has a significant influence over business and education because it provides greater learning opport unities than ever before. It is clear that the benefits of new technologies and mass communication for the education are enormous. umpteen experts claim that media influence the way we live in both positive and negative ways. An individual that aims to gain a significant social success virtually cant achieve it without at least slight use of the information gained through mass communication.Therefore these options cant be ignore because they affect the majority of spheres of life and bring certain experience of social change. The development of mass media presents some outstanding social opportunities. But at the same time, the successful rise of mass media has also brought up concerns about the negative consequences of its spreading. There no doubt that mass communications and media have the tremendous influence over society and its culture. Bloomfield, Coombs & Knights, 2000) These changes lead to new era economics also known as a knowledge economy, non-linear effects, an unpr edictable proximo, a redefinition of terms, time/ duration changes, and much greater transparency. (Bloomfield, Coombs & Knights, 2000) Without a doubt, media sector experience dramatic transformations both in terms of the access to the information, the speed of the information spreading throughout the world and the increasing inability to control the information by the media owners or the government institutions.The processes of total digitalization and media convergence have started in 2000s and the majority of mass media picture the possibility of turning the print media into fully digital forms by 2020 or 2025. Digital media has potentially revolutionary impact on the lifestyle of society. There is also an idea that media development and digital revolution are the ways into an unknown and fundamentally changed future. (Feldman, 1997) New media and new way of communications not only influence the culture of society, but they also change the way and manners of the socialization of its members.The major advantage of electronic communication and information technologies is the capability to transfer the information faster, at a lower cost, and to more people while also offering increased data communality, and processing. Another important aspect in which the media and mass communication can influence and nurture the development of a new healthy culture is the improved opportunity of learning by obtaining necessary information much faster and easier than ever before.Information acquisition is the process by which information is obtained from the environment and added to the collective stock of knowledge of a person or society in general. Fast information distribution provided by the modern mass communication allows sharing information sources among members of society freely, without the governmental control. The new mass communication also store information, and it plays a critical role in the development of culture, since socially accepted past experiences need to be accumulated for future use.

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Baath party

The never-ending sputter to promote interests has cultivated the creation of the Baath Party. By incorporating the proper paperls prescribed by the founders and promoting efficient measures to address these issues, the Baath party became a dominant force both(prenominal) in local and inter field politics. History Tracing the account statement of the party can be date back from the early 1940s. Its primary location of founding was in Damascus wherein the fundamental beliefs were grounded on the idea of socialism.The Baath Party is a pan-Arab organisation formed in 1947 at a founding congress in Damascus. (Issues Briefs, 2007, p. 1) The three major proponents of early Baathist thought, Zaki al-Arsuzi, Salah al-Din al-Bitar, and Michel Aflaq, were middle-class educators whose political thought had been influenced by Western education. (The Syrian Encyclopedia, p. 1) The political ideals promulgated by the party then spread into the areas of Syria and expanded in opposite Arab co untries. The history of Baathists party in Syria can be described as a constant struggle for power.It all started in 1958. In 1958with one of its founders, Salah al-Din Bitar, as foreign ministerit led Syria into the ill-starred United Arab Republic (UAR) with Egypt. (Infoplease, 2005, p. 1) The next stage of its rise was during the successful coup attempt by the members of the party. In 1963 a military coup restored the Baath to power in Syria, and it embarked on a course of large nationalization. (Infoplease, 2005, p. 1) Another military takeover again prompted the revitalized ideologies of the Baath party during the 70s.Despite constant maneuvering and government changes, the two factions remained in an uneasy coalition of power until 1970, when, in another coup, Assad succeeded in boot out Atassi as prime minister. (Infoplease, 2005, p. 1) The next section will present the historical foundation of the party in Iraki politics. The founding of the party in Iraq can be attri buted to three men who formed the Baath party. The three men, Fayiz Ismail, Wasfi al-Ghanim and Sulayman al-Eisa returned to Syria and joined political scientist Zaki al-Arsoozi, who was intent on founding al-Baath (renaissance) party. (Aljazeera. net, 2005, p. 1) The formal establishment of the party in Iraq came into force during 1949. Upon their return to Baghdad in 1949, they established the Iraqi Baath Party. Their efforts never became unnoticed for they were recognized by the grand party in Syria. The party membership grew steadily from just 50 members in 1951 until they gained comprehension by the Baath National Leadership in Damascus. (Aljazeera. net, 2005, p. 1) Ideologies The Baath partys ideology revolves around the forward motion of Arab nationalism.Articulated as the principle of Arab nationalism, the Baath movement was one of several political groups that drew legitimacy from an essentially reactive ideology. (The Syrian Encyclopedia, p. 1) Their principles are deeply rooted on Arab ideals and political stratification and cooperation. The Baath party embraced the principles of unity, immunity, and socialism. (Aljazeera. net, 2005, p. 1) From its earliest development, the motivation behind Baathist political thought and its leading supporters was the need to produce a means of reasserting the Arab flavor in the face of foreign domination. (Iraqi News, 2003, p. 1) In addition, the party seeks to revitalize Arab ideals and foster a deeper invigoration of principles deep down the community. Arabs needed a regeneration of the common heritage of people in the region to drive take out debilitating external influences. (Iraqi News, 2003, p. 1) With these, the party started to create mechanisms and practices to synchronize each partys goals in every state. In early 1988, the Baath Party began calling for parallelism between regional (qutri) and national (qawmi) goals. (, 2005, p. 1) Scope and Influences in other Countries It ha s been mentioned on the previous section that Baathist principles suck in also paved the way for its expansion to other Arab states. The Baath party refers this as national branches. One example of its national branch is in Jordan. It was with the annexation of the West Bank (with its large Palestinian population) that the Bath Party really grew strong in the countrys nationalist-leftist alliance. (Encyclopedia of the Orient, 2007, p. 1) Another national branch was in Lebanon.The Arab Bath Party was established in 1948, but in the following year, when international parties were banned, their freedom was limited. (Encyclopedia of the Orient, 2007, p. 1) Notable successes were highlighted in this country. Lebanon was used for the Bath Partys congresses in 1959 and 1968. (Encyclopedia of the Orient, 2007, p. 1) Other national branches include of North Yemen and South Yemen. refinement The Baath party has a long and rich history which can be attributed to a diverseness of failures and successes in Arab politics.As continuous developments occur both in the local and international arena, the Baath party shall offer to exhibit and promote its ideologies that will enhance and protect the interests of the Arab countries both locally and internationally. It is through these objectives that they continue to have a firm grip and hold in local politics in the Arab countries. References Aljazeera. net (2005) The Iraqi Baath Party in Aljazeera. online Retrieved December 18, 2007 from http//english. aljazeera. net/English/archive/archive? ArchiveId=60 Encyclopedia of the Orient. (2007) Baath Socialist Party in Encyclopeadia of the Orient.Retrieved December 18, 2007 from http//i-cias. com/e. o/baath. htm Infoplease. (2005) Baath Party. Retrieved December 18, 2007 from http//www. infoplease. com/ce6/history/A0805601. html Iraqi News. (2003) Al-Baath Party. on-line Retrieved December 18, 2007 from http//www. iraqinews. com/party_baath_party. shtml Issues Briefs. (2007) Hi story of the Baath Party. Retrieved December 18, 2007 from http//issuesbriefs. nationalforum. com. au/war-in-iraq/baath. html The Syrian Encyclopedia. Baath Party. Retrieved December 18, 2007 from http//www. damascus-online. com/se/hist/baath_party. htm

A Thousand Splendid Suns Reivew Essay

Macbeth is a Shakespeargonan TragedyMacbeth is considered to be one of the greatest Shakespearean tragedies written by William Shakespeare. According to A.C. Bradley, it is the most(prenominal) vehement, the most concentrated, perhaps we may say the most tremendous, of the tragedies (Bradley 333). Macbeth, written by Shakespeare is a Shakespearean tragedy because it has a sad hero, mathemata, and a hamartia. These three toneistics are crucial to beat in a Shakespearean tragedy and prove that Macbeth is indeed one. More specifically, the tragic hero is one of the most important of the three because without the hero, sympathy cannot be evoked.Macbeth is a tragedy because it contains a tragic hero. In a Shakespearean tragedy, it is imperative that the tragic hero is of spirited estate, affects the whole area and evokes pity and fear from the consultation. The tragic hero in Macbeth is Macbeth himself. At the first-class honours degree of the lean, Macbeth is introduced as the Thane of Glamis and a command of extraordinary prowess (Bradley 44) in Duncans army. When a battle takes place, Macbeth bravely defends Scotland in the battle and is victorious. When he returns home, queen mole rat Duncan praises himO worthiest cousin.Thou art so far before.Only I have left to say,More is thy due than more than all can pay. (Shakespeare 1.4.17-24) Duncan states that Macbeth is his worthiest kinsmen and has done so much for him that he owes Macbeth more than he can ever repay. The reference can identify that Macbeth is a significant character of highschool estate because he is already Thane of Glamis, and is well respected by the king of Scotland. Macbeths high social standing evokes pity and fear from the audience because his sins and d givefall are emphasized. The audience suspects him to be innoxious, and then arousing fear when he commits sins. Also, he has a lot more to lose than a regular citizen Macbeth ultimately loses his mind, wife, house, reputatio n, and kingship. Since Macbeth is a character of high estate and evokes pity and fear for the audience, he is the tragic hero in Macbeth.Macbeth is as well as a tragic hero because he is a character of high estate in two additional ways. after the victorious battle, Macbeth is greeted by two noblemen of Scotland sent by the king He bade me, from him, call thee Thane of Cawdor. /In which addition, hail, most worthy Thane, /for it is thine (Shakespeare 1.3.111-113).When the Macdonwald, the Thane of Cawdor, commits treason, he is executed and a new Thane is chosen. After hearing about Macbeths success in the battle, King Duncan appoints Macbeth as the new Thane of Cawdor. As a result of Macbeths nobility, loyalty and bravery, he earns his title as Thane of Cawdor thus proving he is of high estate.When King Duncan dies, Macbeth is chosen to be King of Scotland. Usually, when a king dies, their heir receives king. However, since both of Duncans sons fled the country for their protest safety, Macbeth is chosen to be King. This shows the audience that Macbeth is well respected by the citizens of Scotland because he appears to be the best king, back to Duncans sons. As the new King of Scotland, Macbeths wad evidently has an affect on the eudaemonia of the whole nation. In conclusion, Macbeth is a tragic hero because he is of high estate in some(prenominal) ways, evokes pity and fear from the audience and affects the welfare of the whole nation. When the nation is negatively affected, nightclub must be restored. This is done through the resolution of the plot, also known as mathemata.Mathemata is an extremely important characteristic of a Shakespearean tragedy because it re-establishes the moral consecrate of the world in the play. In Shakespeares play, order is restored when Macbeth is killed recognize where stands/The usurpers Macbeths cursed head. The time is free (Shakespeare 5.8.55-56).Macbeth is considered as the evil defilement and sickness of Scotland because he perpetrates a series of murders, and more significantly violates the natural order of the universe at the highest level by killing Duncan. Since Macbeth causes the entire situation he must end in destruction and despair (Ribner 57). At the end of the play when Macbeth ends in destruction and despair, Scotland is finally cured and order is restored.The natural order of the universe is also re-established because Malcolm replaces Macbeths position as King. Scotland is no longer ruled byMacbeths tyranny instead it is ruled by Malcolm, an extremely honourable manNay, had I originator, I should swarm the sweet milk of concord into hell,Uproar the universal peace, confoundAll unity on earth. (Shakespeare 4.3.109-112)Although Malcolm may not appear to be utter(a) in this scene, he is very much so. At the beginning of the play, Duncan does not test the loyalty of Macdonwald and Macbeth. As a result, Duncan is betrayed by these two men who appeared to be honourable. Malcolm lear ns from his conveys mistakes and tests MacDuffs patriotism. Malcolm states he does not contain any qualities of a virtuous king and that he would destroy all peace on earth. When MacDuff has a passionate outburst, Malcolm reveals the truth that he is in point an honourable man because he is able to identify that MacDuff is a child of integrity (Shakespeare 4.3.129).This proves that Malcolm is in concomitant a virtuous king because he is not easily fooled like Duncan. Instead, Malcolm is a cautious and knowing man who is likely to be a successful king. With a new honourable and sincerely virtuous king, and the death of Macbeth, the order of the universe is finally restored and the play is resolved. Not lonesome(prenominal) is the death of Macbeth recognized as the resolution of the plot, however, it is also recognized as his tragic end which is caused by a hamartia.For a play to be a Shakespearean tragedy, it must have a hamartia. A hamartia, also known as a tragic flaw, is a go od quality in the protagonist which at long furthest goes somewhat awry and causes their disastrous demise. Macbeths tragic flaw is his ambition. Macbeths ambition can be recognized as a desirable quality because it causes him to be a great warrior. However, when Macbeth is told by the witches that he will become future king, he has thoughts of killing Duncan. Already, Macbeths ambition goes somewhat awry. At first, Macbeth states that he does not motivation to kill Duncan because this Duncan/Hath borne his faculties so meek, hath been/So clear in his great office, that his virtues/Will plead like angels. (Shakespeare 1.7.16-18) and admits thatI Macbeth have no spurTo prick the sides of my intent, but butVaulting ambition, which overleaps itselfAnd falls on the other. (Shakespeare 1.7.25-28)Macbeth discovers the only reason he has for murdering Duncan is his vaulting ambition which does not rationalize the act of killing a virtuous king. Although Macbeth is aware that his vaul ting ambition will only lead him to disaster, he still commits the crime. At this point, the audience is fully aware that Macbeths ambition is no longer a desirable distinction because his ambition, which is also his greatness, is fatal to him (Bradley 9). His ambition allows him to hide what the false heart doth know (Shakespeare 1.7.92) and overcome the thought of killing a virtuous king.Although some scholars may say the witches and Lady Macbeth cause Macbeths downfall, he commits and instigates all of the murders himself it is his own actions that lead him to his tragic end. If Macbeth was not so ambitious for status and did not allow his flawed trait to overpower his morality, he would realize it is irrational to kill the king. Without doubt Macbeths ambition acquires him kingship, however, it leads him to death of some(prenominal) innocent people and is the major cause of his downfall.Macbeths hamartia is also evident later on the play when he kills Banquo and attempts to ki ll Banquos son. After the witches predict that Banquos sons will become kings, Macbeth feels endanger as the new king of Scotland To be thus is nothing, but to be safely thus (Shakespeare 3.1.54). Macbeth determines that the only way to be safely thus is to kill Banquo and his son Fleance. Macbeths great ambition for power causes him to have a greed for power and stop at nothing to secure his position as king even if it means he must kill his best friend and challenge fate Rather than so, come, Fate, into the list,/And champion me to the utterance (Shakespeare 3.1.77-78). Macbeths ambition causes him to believe he can defeat the prophecy of the witches. Macbeth believes that if he kills Banquo and Banquos sons, his position as king will be protected.However, by murdering more people, Macbeths life, conscience, and kingship is jeopardized instead. Eventually, Macbeth faces the consequences of his ownactions as a result of his great ambition and is killed. If Macbeth was not so ambit ious, he would realize it is impossible to defeat fate, ultimately preventing his tragic end. Although Macbeths ambition begins as a virtue, it goes wrong and eventually leads to his tragic end. All of Macbeths actions have led himself to his death and aroused several emotions within the audience thus proving Macbeth has a hamartia and ultimately is a Shakespearean tragedy.Macbeth is said to be one of the last tragedies Shakespeare ever wrote. None the less, it has increasingly impressed twentieth century critics (Hawkes 50). Macbeth has a tragic hero of high estate and a hamartia that leads to the heros tragic end. Last but not least, when order is restored, there is mathemata. With the three most imperative characteristics of a tragedy, Macbeth fulfills the title as the most vehement, the most concentrated, perhaps we may say the most tremendous, of the tragedies (Bradley 333) and proves it is indeed a true Shakespearean tragedy.Works CitedArif, G. M. Javed. Macbeths indistinguish ability Crisis Shakespeare as the Saviour. N.p., Dec. 2000. Web. 15 Dec. 2011. Bloom, Harold, ed. Major Literary Characters Macbeth. New York Chelsea House, 1991. Print. Bradley, A. C. Shakespearean Tragedy Lectures on Hamlet, Othello, King Lear, Macbeth. second ed. London Macmillan, 1905. Johnson, Vernon E., ed. Power in William Shakespeares Macbeth. Detroit Greenhaven Press, 2009. Print. Shakespeare, William. The Global Shakespeare Series The Tragedy of Macbeth with Related Readings. Eds. Dom Saliani, Chris Ferguson, and Dr. Tim Scott. Albany, N.Y. International Thomson ginmill Nelson Canada, 1997. Print.

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Wearable tracking system for analysis of footballer efficiency

My function in the application of schemas engineering in the sorting cipherThe inclusive role of this Part A assembly undertaking was to f alone apart a racy, wearable trailing musical arrangement for analysis of footballer efficiency during a lucifer. I was portion of root B of Group 8 my groups assignment was to incorporate the accelerometer with the mbed development platform of the GPS-based placement. The group consisted of four pile including myself.In drumhead the complete purpose of this undertaking was to develop a wearable GPS-based trailing system that can temporal enter the football players efficiency during an increased continuance of a 5 comminuted football lucifer. The possible donee for this system is the primary stakeholders who were identified as the football manager or lookout as they benefit from the football players efficiency. They would be able to place if the football participant is worthy their salary merely by analyzing their public innovations during lucifers.Accelerometer is an electromechanical device which mea confident(predicate)s speedup due to motion and gravitation. The propelling acceleration which is engendered by quivers from motions allows the capacitive accelerometer to specify in which way the user is traveling and what velocity. The inactive acceleration which is generated by the gravitative pull the measurings portrayed the angle of joust in relation to the Earths gravitative pull.A big sum of curtail and attempt end-to-end this undertaking has been spent on team-working organizing the Group B squad, redacting the paperss achieved between us into a consistent manner and linguistic communication accommodate for non-technically minded readers. The engrossed of the group undertaking was to derive organizational, proficient, and systems technology accomplishments and cognition which I had expanded my apprehensions throughout this undertaking.This study is structured into separate subdivisions the coun terbalance depicting the paperss created to help from a systems position. The 2nd focal points on the systems technology methods that have been applied why they were selected how they were tailored how good they worked and how these applications could be improved. The 2nd focal points on the functions I played within this undertaking with what I contributed besides.The overall end of the group undertaking was to develop a robust, wearable trailing system for analysis of football player effectivity during a lucifer. The purpose for my tutorial group Group B nevertheless, was to incorporate the accelerometer with the mbed development platform to enable extraction of the ask informations for tracking the systems acceleration forces over clip. In this undertaking, I took the enterprise to be the squad leader/manage whose duty was to pull off and put to death the sub-system developments. I made sure that my sheik squad members followed the oversight Plans integrating the applicati ons of the systems technology procedure utilize for this undertaking.As the tutorial group director I had the duty to set up the squad into a construction so that all members felt non merely that they had something to lend, but besides a say in the concluding sub-group study. That manner when it came to the scrutiny of the overall system they wouldnt feel that they had cheated their manner without lending to anything. One of the chief deliverables for this was in the mannikin of a written study, which as a consequence of its size, and in an attempt I tried to embroil all group members, featured an input from each of them.To back up this undertaking I created a System Engineering Management Plan ( SEMP ) and a Project Management Plan ( PMP ) with a slight aid from my squad members. The intent of these stress paperss to place and depict the overall systems technology procedures and methods to be used during the development of this Group undertaking. I was entirely responsible fo r the PMP due to the fact that I was the sub-group director so it was my responsibility to pull off the undertaking and put to death it with organizational and proficient abilities.To guarantee that in that location was communicating about the systems development throughout the undertaking I incorporated a communicating direction program. The communicating program compound a directory which had more(prenominal) than one contact information for each forces involved in our sub-group. I found it utile as I was able to update them utilizing the societal networking such as WhatsApp and Facebook to look into their electronic mails when needed. So following the communicating program was productive.I allocated two of my colleagues from the group to bring forth the Work Breakdown construction. The intent behind utilizing this was to be after our work more expeditiously. The undertaking was characterised by time-limited activated with assigned fixed clip frames. The WBS affected the und ertaking because it helps do the development of the sub-system consistent supplying effectual undertaking executing. By treating the undertakings at manus more all the way I was able assign duties. The functions provided were given to each of the members based on their strengths and what they were imparting to make either bit good.In order to follow the communicating program described in the Group study, I created a Facebook page for the overseer Group to maintain up to day of the month with the other members of Group A and Group C of this undertaking. The page was rather successful as the pupils involved in our Super Group were now cognizant of the meetings up-coming with their anterior dockets. Members from each group were made admins so that they could add their fellow group members who I had missed out from their tutorial groups. With this page we were able to hold a successful football lucifer with the to the full incorporate system attached to one of the participants.As sy stem technology procedure are characteristic within the overall system life rhythm. This attack is iterative to the system design and development. The lifecycles used was SEMP, CONOPs, System Requirements, Software cryptograph and Hardware fiction, Unit proving, Subsystem and system confirmation, Validation ( interrogation ) .However, to develop the accelerometer I customised this to accommodate my groups life rhythm procedure of the sub-systems development. This diagram was knowing like this as I believed that this would be a suited manner in implementing the following activities.The first pattern of the customised VEE diagram is the Requirements. As a group we recognised the user, system, functional and non-functional demands of the sub-system this helped with implementing the following class of Management Plan paperss. This phase encountered the Project Management Plan ( PMP ) and the System Engineering Management Plan ( SEMP ) . The intent of such paperss provided a compreh ensive baseline of what needed to be achieved within the undertaking, how they were achieved, who would be involved and how it will be communicated throughout the undertaking.Cardinal direction intents hazard registryOnce these were written to a passing(prenominal) criterion, our coder executed the 3rd phase of our life-cycle. This contains the cryptography and testing of the sub-system. We could non go on to the following phase until the concluding execution of the accelerometer was verified by me. Until so, I took the chance to leap to the study composing phase and get down the initial bill of exchanges of the Group and Individual studies.After I verified our sub-system coding the integrating of the trailing system could be accomplished. The integrating merely took approximately two hours as it was rather easy one time all the sub-system cryptography were verified. This meant that in comparing to the Gantt chart which we achieved we were in wait of agenda. This had an advantage as my sub-group were able to concentrate on the group study at manus utilizing up the clip allocated for the integrating of the system. When it came to the proving I didnt take part in the lucifers its ego but I was the one entering the lucifers. I shared the images and picture with the other members in our super-groupo via facebook because I was the one videoing the testing. This style that the images seen in Group 8 sub-group group studies are most likely to be similar.In decisiveness the biggest obstruction, for me in my sentiment, was successful completion of this undertaking was team-working by trying to finish our assignment in clip with the other sub-groups in this undertaking. I found it disputing to do certain that my co-workers kept to the deadline of the undertakings that were allocated to them. Although at the terminal of everything the system constructed performed really good, bring forthing informations required. It was compacted plenty to be worn without set uping t he footballers public presentation but it could hold been improved if we was provided with a lodging device for the system. As the system was attached to my co-worker with a brand displacement lodging device wrapped around him with tape.

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Coffee and Tea

Coffee and Tea Coffee and afternoon teatime have existed in the world for a large time. Hundreds of old age ago, people who lived in South America started to produce umber berry, but the earliest drink likes coffee was made by ancient Arabian. They thought it was a kind of medicine used for stomach. After the fifteenth century, coffee was spread to other countries such as Egypt and Ottoman Empire by Muslims who were back from Hajj, period in ancient China, Chinese people started to make tea about 3000 years ago. Because of nice environment and weather, the first part of tea plants was discovered in southwest China.After, drink tea became an important close of Chinese people, and tea began to spread into countries near China. Coffee and tea are corresponding, but opposite in some specific area. First, coffee and tea are similar but different in population. hatful from all around the world like them. For example, British people used to drink a cup of tea with some snacks w hen they have a rest in the afternoon. Western people enjoy beverage dumb tea, and some of them mix it with milk to make milky tea. Likewise, most people like drunkenness coffee, for it often tastes good.In China, more and more people began to drink coffee, and some of whom want to taste better coffee like blue mountain coffee. However, although these two drinks are both popular around the world, coffee is be quiet drunk most by western people, while the most quantity of tea is used in East Asia. People lived in China, Japan, and Korea regarded tea as the main drink. Second, coffee and tea are similar but different in function. Both coffee and tea can refresh people because thither is a kind of chemical matter, which is caffeine in both of them.This chemical matter can be used for nerves to make a person feel awake and lively. Also, some experts said that black coffee and green tea can help a person lose weight. But, in contrast, tea has some more functions due to another kind o f chemical matter which cant be found in coffee. This chemical matter that named tea polyphenol whose ability is to relieve the effect that is made by poison. Finally, coffee and tea have similarity and difference in origination. Both of them are made from plants.Thousands of years ago, people lived in Africa planted coffee trees in succeed, and now, Brazil has the most coffee trees in the world. In south of China, there are a lot of terraced fields that grow tea trees. On the other hand, people use leaves from tea to make tea, while they use fruits from coffee plants to make coffee. To sum up, coffee and tea are similar in their population, function, and origination, while they are different of their use in different place, their different chemical matter, and their different material. I suggest that people should drink both coffee and tea so that they can be healthier.

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John Smith’s Account of the Founding of Jamestown in 1607

The colony at Jamestown, the colonies at Plymouth, and the colony at capital of Massachusetts had different nature, goals, successes and failures. There was a cross of similarities and differences. One thing that remains obvious is each was spirit for something that was lacking in their home land. There was a perception and a picture that each stem had when they left their homelands. Arrival in the new would prove to be an alternate candor from that which was envisioned. The new reality still provided a challenge for each settlement. This was to be a new start.This was an opportunity to establish something new. That would be a chance to be a part of something great. The New foundation offered opportunities to receive success on a different level. Jamestown was a joint venture. People joined their financed together to create a billet organization called a stock company. Like any other business the ultimate goal was to amaze a profit. The initial settlers basically worked for th e benefit of the joint stock company. They would not be completely disengage to make their own rules and regulations.There were specific rules even on the voyage of the rationing of the food. The Settlement of Jamestown shows s the initial days of Jamestown from the point of view of Captain John Smith. The very first impression of the New World gave foreshadowing of some of the doom and gloom in store for the travelers. As soon as they arrived on the shore they were attacked by travelers. That night a box was opened to give orders of how they were to organize and govern themselves check to the joint stock company.John Smith goes on to give an account of internal jealousy, trust, and greed issues of the group. That was compounded with the extraneous sickness, disease, and multiple attacks by the savages that often dissolvented in death. He personally was on the verge of being killed when he was saved. Even the settlement was on the verge of dying out when God intervened and change d the hearts of the savages. This resulted in the savages lot them. Captain John Smith acknowledges Gods hand in the survival of Jamestown.The settlement at Plymouth goes a little farther in establishing that God is one of the main reasons for the colony. Pilgrims were looking for religious indecency and anew way of life for their families. They were not crusaders out to change the world or gather riches. They were bring low English farmers (Brands et al, 2009, p 42). Their first sight of land proved to be a joyous occasion. It was beta and natural for them to give God praise for a successful voyage. The Pilgrims governing structure came from the self created trailing arbutus Compact.It was democratic in nature. They were in agreement from the beginning of the voyage that there was to be no abroad ruler. They each had their freedom. The Pilgrims contact with the savages was less confrontational than that of Jamestown. The savages tended to run as opposed to attacking the settle rs. The Pilgrims had similar results in dealing with the sickness and diseases of the New World. John Winthrop and the Puritans had very ambitious ideas when they established the Boston colony. They had visions to what amounts to a Utopian society.The goals were to show what Christian society could and should be. In A Model of Christian Charity, John Winthrop writes about what he envisioned as he traveled on the Arbella on his way to the New Word. Their life was to be based on scripture. The answer to how to deal with all situations would come from the Bible. Two of their main principles would be legal expert and mercy. How to deal with the rich and poor, friend and enemies and forgiveness would be very important in their settlement. The law would be based on Gods laws.Success would be determined by how people lived. They did not have to deal with the same level of sickness and diseases as Jamestown and Plymouth. If you asked the Puritans they would probably tell you that it is a direct result of their lifestyle and Gods presence. Captain John smiths article appeared to present a dark mood as he described what he had to go through. He did not seem to have a very favorable outlook toward his fellow man. He mentions the good, bad and very ill-favored side of what man is capable of.The Puritans contrastingly, focused on the potential greatness of mankind. The Pilgrims were somewhere in the middle. from each one article gave praises to God. God and religion played an important role in each colony.Bibliography Bradford, William. (1650). History of Plymouth Plantation. Brands, HWA, Breen, THH, Williams, R. Hal and Gross, A. J. (2009) American Stories A History of the United States. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey. Smith, John. (1604). The Settlement of Jamestown. Winthrop, John. (1630). A Model of Christian Charity.

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Direct Mail and Email Advertising Research Paper - 1

Direct Mail and Email Advertising - Research Paper exampleThe report examines direct marketing as a regularity of sending advertising messages to potential and actual customers through and through direct mail. It highlights the major advantages and disadvantages of this method as a traditional method of advertisement. This method is pricy and customers may not read the intended ad message. Email advertising involves the conveyance of advertisement messages through email. With the rise of internet technology, emails are becoming easy and fast methods of sending emails. It is less costly and generates more customer response than direct mail advertising. Email marketing is considered as the most suitable method of advertisement beca make use of it is less costly, easy, fast and effective. It generates more customer responses than direct mail and earns more returns on investment. However, the sell merchant should avoid sending email messages too often and send only relevant informa tion targeted at specific individual customers who demonstrate an interest in the companys products. Working as a marketing consultant in Big Consultant Company, my aim is to advise a retail vendor in the High Street who has approached our company for consultancy services. The client wants to choose the best method to advertise his retail products to target customers. He is faced with a rhetoric situation in which he has to choose among direct mail and email advertising to advertise his products. The retailer sells electronic devices including computers, mobile phones and tablets to customers on order. He already has a large number of customers within his neighborhood, but he wants to expand to other neighborhoods. He has already generated a large database of potential customers including university and college students. He is now wondering which method he should use to communicate with them. Direct mail and email advertising are his most preferable methods.

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Lobbying paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Lobbying paper - Essay ExampleThe agency, serves clients much(prenominal) as universities, companies, cities, trade associations and even individuals. Meyers and Associates lobby mostly legislative issues to the federal government and congress on behalf of clients. The compositions mission is to be successful in capitalizing on the opportunities and meeting challenges presented by cap it is advantageous to have Washington representation that can combine experience and national contacts. Meyers and Associates as an organization developed with the intention of representing private lobbying. This agency derives its fund from revenue raised through charity and clients payments.Meyers and Associates, as an organization prevented death of military bases. In particular, it lobbied against closing military bases located in Mississippi and Texas. The closing of the bases was between the years 1993 and 2005. Thanks to this organization some bases were spared (Zetter, 2008).Lobbying has ens ured that opinions from minority, powerless and poor groups have reached the people academic term in congress and federal offices. Through lobbying, also the government has become acquainted on the pressure level issues affecting individuals and organizations. Equally, lobbyists assist Congress in formulating laws, which will be practical and operational (Zetter, 2008).Lobbying as a practice is faced by the following challenges inadequate finances to support the organizations endeavors, disaster on the side of lobbyists to influence staff in Congress offices, and formulation of impractical legislations (Zetter, 2008).Important factors in lobbying include knowing influential staffs and secretaries working in federal and Congress offices. Lobbyists should get familiar with afoot(predicate) issues and bills being processed, have fingertip information on legislators, and interest of clients should always be

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Heat stress procedure Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Heat stress procedure - Essay idealThe programs main objective is to cut down work connect illnesses as a take of warmth stress for it reduces work rate in all the above mentioned areas. Besides, it serves to control heat related risks, outline haves, symptoms and treatment of heat stress. In the construction industry the procedure applies to contractors, subcontractors, employees and any other mortal who might have an access to the site. All the temporary facilities, like the store, early works to construction, commissioning and decommission practices, should conform to this procedure.Hot environments whitethorn lead workers to risks of heat stress. A lot of heat can subject in work related sickness, poor health and injuries (Reese 35). Heat stress can also cause heat stroke, pain and heat rashes. These everlastingly make a construction site unbearable and reduce the efficiency of work, thus, increasing total cost of construction due to delays. A lot of other issues may lea d to heat stress in construction sites. In the tropical regions, for example, the main source of heat in a construction site is the sun and due to this fact workers are not always motivated to work, for it wears them out and the time taken for a days work is increased. Heat in construction site is also caused by heavy machines used.The purpose of this procedure is to develop strategies for working in hot environments, reduce the possible heat-related illnesses and to ensure work-related health and safety conditions for employers, contractors, subcontractors and workers.In order to realize the deal purpose of this procedure, the stake holders should play their farewell as required and supervisors should be responsible for instructing all the workers on this procedure, scheduling strenuous work during cooler time of the day and provide cool drinking water system to all workers (Kanholm 26). On the other hand, the workers should be cautious to shun heat related illnesses and take par t in training as required. On his part, the

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Examine the impact of the recent recession in the British Economy Essay

Examine the impact of the recent quoin in the British Economy - Essay ExampleThe contraction over the six quarters of the recession was 6.2%. That peak-to-trough decline was less(prenominal) severe than in Japan, Germany and Italy, but the recession lasted longer than in any other G7 economy. The recession has impacted e really welkin of the British economy like production, consumption, job, energy use, and government spending and appraise revenue. The fragile situation of the banking system greatly impacted all sectors of economy and many private companies were hale to close down or end up in loss. Many corpo govern and smooth enterprises combust down their employees, who had an overall effect on the earning capacity and spending power of the public.Morover there was also a notable decrease in the demand of energy use as production and consumption of the sylvan declined. Due to recession people look in for alternative renewable sources as they were unable to drop fuel charg es as they suffered from subvert income and lower un use rates. Looking briefly in to the effect of recession on different sectors of British economy, the following can be explained I) Changes in Production and Consumption Production and consumptions is an never-failing cycle of any economy or market of a developed, developing nation. Britain beingness a volumed economy has major public and private companies operating under its constituition.With the breakout of recession, the production and service sector of the country was doomed and this indeed resulted in a tremendous cut in the employment rate of the country. The finance sector and manufacturing sector being interconnected was worse affected which led to the closure of small private owned organizations and many service outlets. In 2008 the UK GDP fell by 5.1 % and this could be generally because the UK government supporting more the finance sector rather than the manufacturing sector. Due to recession the worst defecate a rea was the construction sector of British economy. By December 2008 , the construction sector of Britain shrank at fast(a) pace than ever, taking civil engineering and commercial sub sectors along with it.Morover the slump in the living accommodations construction field resulted in a downturn in housing market sector. The manufacturing sector being interconnected affected all the production units of the economy which resulted in lesser profitability. Unemployment was the end result and lower rearhold consumption was the end result. As per (Dolling) Household final consumption expenditure accounts for about half of the expenditure measure of GDP and is seen as an important economic indicator. II) Changes in Employment, Unemployment and Productivity It is a very obvious fact that, recession can bring around sharp decline in the employment rate of an ecnomy.Since the productivity is low, there can be a very evident decrease in the job cuts and this is directly related to decreased house hold consumption .Many people were removed from employment and also faced with considerable cut in their salary rate because of slumber economy. Troubled house builder Barrett last week announced plans to cut 1,000 of its 6,700-strong workforce while Pen dragon, the countrys biggest car dealer, position off 500 workers(Blackden).If such is the case with employment cuts, unemployment rates in the country can heave which will make the people with less or no spending power. Since recession of 2008, many students who obligate

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Planning Function of Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

preparedness Function of Management - Essay sampleIntroduction Before going to evaluate the prep function of an oilfield company, let us get a better understanding of what prep actually is. Planning is one of the core functions of management. Planning involves selecting company goals and incision objectives, then finding ways of implementing them (Hahn, 2011). Proper preparedness by the managers provides a number of benefits to their organizations, such as, dodging of confusions, reduction of risks, improved production operate, completion of tasks within deadlines, and correct use of all available resources. let us discuss planning function of management in some detail in coiffure to know the role that it plays in the success of a company 2. Name of the Selected Company The company whose planning function we are going to evaluate is Schlumberger, which is an oilfield company. Employing over 110,000 employees from different parts of the world, Schlumberger is the worlds bigge st oilfield services providing company. Schlumberger is a provider of different products and services to the energy sector of different countries. somewhat of the core line operations of this company include managing geological data, locating hydrocarbons, construction of the thoroughlys, drilling, and managing lifecycle of the reservoirs. 3. Planning Function For the managers at Schlumberger, planning holds great importance in all processes of management. At this stage, the company is given an objective (Spindler, 2008). Planning centre to recognize organizational goals and to get around proper strategies to meet those goals. Planning not only includes setting goals for the future tense but also includes pullulatement of tactics and strategies to meet those goals. Wijesinghe (2010) states, Planning requires administration to assess where the company is instantly set, and where it would be in the upcoming. Managers at Schlumberger firmly believe that they cannot achieve desi red goals without doing proper planning based on the analysis of facts and figures. Moreover, they also develop separate plans for different business operations. The reason is that all(prenominal) operation has a different set of requirements, so different type of planning needs to be done in the beginning of any specific operation to complete the operation successfully. Rothbauer-Wanish (2009) states, Planning whitethorn take time in the beginning, but it saves time and reduces difficulties that may occur in the future. 3.1 Types of Planning For proper planning, managers consider many factors, such as, availability of resources, assessment of organizational environment, future trends of the oil and throttle valve industry, assessment of industrial demands, and proper use of capital. At Schlumberger, managers need to do different types of planning to. Some of those types of planning include marketing planning, construction planning, production planning, and project planning. Marke ting planning means to develop appropriate strategies for the marketing of the companys products and services. For marketing planning, Schlumbergers managers consider 4Ps of the marketing mix to develop a proper marketing plan. For construction planning, managers consider different aspects of a project to develop a plan for that project. Some of the major aspects, which managers consider, include site of the project, needs of the client firm, geological survey, and feasibility of the project. payoff managers also do proper planning to enhance production services, such as, pipeline process services, well intervention